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War of Words – ‘Spartan’

The Spartans were well-known for their frugality, living simply with a minimum of comforts, and ‘spartan’ acquired the sense of extreme simplicity in lifestyle.


REVIEW – Britain’s War: A New World, 1942 – 1947

Like the first volume, Britain’s War is not a military history, although the great battles of the war are described in some detail. It is not a political history either, though there is much analysis of political arguments. Nor is it an economic history, although it includes much economics.


The Immortal Hawke

In 1759, Britain faced an invasion threat from France, but two remarkable victories – the Battle of Lagos and later the Battle of Quiberon Bay – put paid to the plan. It was Admiral Sir Edward Hawke who delivered victory at the latter battle. So what kind of man was he, and what was his contribution to the history of the Royal Navy?

MHM August/September 2020

The August/September issue of Military History Matters, the British military history magazine, is now out now. In the current climate, the best way to access the magazine is to subscribe. Click here to find out more. To subscribe to the digital archive, click here. In this issue: ON THE COVER:Hawke and Quiberon Bay In 1759, Britain faced an […]

wilding feature

War Athletes: Anthony Wilding

Handsome and charming, Wilding embraced a life full of adventure that also involved racing motorcycles across both hemispheres.


MHM Caption Competition: August 2020

Can you think of something appropriately witty for this image taken from our article on the Long Range Desert Group, from the August/September issue of Military History Matters? Leave your caption as a comment below.

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