MHM Caption Competition: February 2024 – Winners Announced!

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We asked you to you come up with something appropriately witty for this image from our article on ‘The Deceivers’ in the February/March 2024 issue of Military History Matters. Here are the winners:


‘May I have this dance?’ – Amber Rutherford


‘I win! You blinked first.’ – Michael Smith


  1. “Right, just stand in the background, wearing dark glasses and no one will suspect a thing” said Brian to himself during his super secret spy mission.

  2. I thinking of opening a series of chicken restaurants across Spain You got first dibs on getting in on the ground floor.

  3. We’re 5 days into the World Staring Contest Final, and it looks like this one is heading for extra time.

  4. ‘Shall we go in? The film is about to start.’
    ‘What’s the film?’
    ‘The Barbie Movie. Presuming it’s about Barbarossa…’

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