MHM June/July 2022

- Against the odds: how Hitler’s airborne elite took Crete

- The King’s culprits: what became of the prisoners of 1798?

- The Battle of Sluys: a forgotten medieval naval clash

- Conflict and consequences: the myth of decisive battle

- Black soldiers in the American West

MHM April/May 2022

- Churchill’s darkest hour: the military disasters of 1942

- Renaissance warfare: a military revolution

- Waterloo uncovered: veterans, archaeology, and the battlefield

- The charge of the Iron Fleet: Charleston, 1863

- The Butterfly Effect: the accident that triggered the Blitz

MHM February/March 2022

- The Battle of Crécy: how a new way of war led to an extraordinary victory

- ‘The worst maritime disaster ever’: the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff

- General Wolfe at Quebec, 1759: a new analysis

- The Battle of Chinese Farm: Sinai, 1973

- The resistance and the return: the Philippines, 1942-1945

MHM December 2021/January 2022

- Pearl Harbor: the start of the Japanese blitzkrieg

- Tel el-Kebir, 1882: how the British crushed a nationalist army

- ‘Luck and pluck’: why the Americans won the Revolutionary War

- Invading a ‘frontier of Europe’: the Tudor conquest of Ireland

- Memorials of the Mighty Eighth, America’s WWII bomber fleet