Map of the Battle of Maiwand – 27 July 1880

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Map of the Battle of Maiwand, 27 July 1880: the decisive action of the Second Afghan War. General Burrows’ little army of 2,700 men was caught in the open by a force around seven times the size.

The Afghan warlord Ayub Khan played his advantages to the full, threatening the ranks of the British line, stretching it to breaking point, and blasting it with converging  re from his longer, outer line.


  1. The map above has an error. It indicates that Kandahar is to the NW, which is incorrect. Kandahar is to the SE and Herat is to the NW. The battle was fought not far from the current Herat to Kandahar highway. Ayub Khan was moving from Herat to intercept British forces in the Kandahar area and Burrows moved to block him.

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