15th-Century Armour

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By the late 15th century, armour weighed 60lbs or more, leaving men breathless, sluggish, and subject to rapid fatigue. It also dulled the senses. Worst of all, when things went wrong, it made it exceptionally hard for wearers to escape enemy pursuit, adding to the holocaust of the English nobility that was such a feature of the Wars of the Roses.


  1. Afraid those of us who wear 15th Century armour, do not recognise the above description of fighting in it. Please have a look at what some people who actually know what they’re talking about say:

    In which Dirk H. Breiding, Assitant Curator, Department of Arms and Armor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, gives a talk highlight the Met’s permanent collection and addressing misunderstandings commonly held by the public and, occasionally, even by specialists in the field – as above!!!

    This is worth watching all the way through – entertaining and enlightening!

    And if you want another expert who doesn’t just pontificate, but participates – ie wears 15th Century armour – then check out Dr Tobias Capwell’s exploits on YouTube. He’s the Director of Arms & Armour at the Wallace Collection and dispels myths such as those promulgated above – “breathless and sluggish” I ask you!!!

  2. Recently visited Kennilworth Castle (EH) saw a notice that said. Medieval Armour weighed 45kgs, thats 99lbs!!! When I pointed this out to one of the senior staff, she said “It depends on what period you are looking at”, apart from this being incorrect I wondered why this comment was not on the original notice.
    Des Thomas Savile’s Household

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