MHM Competition: April/May

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This issue, we’re giving away three copies of Dünkirchen 1940: the German view of Dunkirk by Robert Kershaw, courtesy of Osprey Publishing.

Dünkirchen 1940 cuts through Churchillian rhetoric to account for the miracle of Dunkirk through German eyes. Letters, diary accounts, interviews, and vivid original post-action reports dispel the popular myths and tell the true story of how Hitler lost control of the very blitzkrieg momentum he had created.

Hailed by critics as ‘a myth-busting history of Dunkirk’ and ‘military history of the highest order’, Dünkirchen 1940 scooped the Bronze prize in MHM’s Book Awards last year.

This issue, three lucky winners will each receive a copy of the book. To find out more about its publisher, Osprey, visit their website.

This competition will close on 6 May 2024

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