[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of FIVE copies of ‘Crimean War: a most desperate undertaking’

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This month we have FIVE copies of Crimean War: a most desperate undertaking to be won!

CompIn the spring of 1854, British troops and their French allies were sailing east to the Black Sea to help the Turks fight off Russia’s advances. The British army sailing that spring had been described as the  nest ever to leave Britain’s shores. But within months those troops were dying in scores, falling victim to cholera and dysentery epidemics. The army’s medical support was found to be scandalously inadequate. Battles were mismanaged, leading to infamous blunders like the Charge of the Light Brigade. When winter came, the archaic army support services meant British troops were le frozen and on the brink of starvation.

This programme uses the letters, diaries, and journals of soldiers who fought in the Crimea to tell the story in their own words. The collaboration between HISTORY and the National Army Museum has resulted in a distinctive and moving documentary.


Competition closed

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