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GALLIPOLI: V Beach Madness

To mark Anzac Day 2015, MHM reposts Peter Hart’s action-packed article taking us into the inferno of the Gallipoli landings.


BATTLE MAPS: Caesar’s Gallic War

In the years 58-51 BC, Gaul was conquered and added to the Roman Empire through the military campaigns of Julius Caesar and his legions. For the first time in history, tribal groups in north-western Europe were confronted with the violent expansionism of an imperial system.   Although Caesar’s war narrative is coloured by personal propaganda and imperial ideology, there is no doubt that the conquest had dramatic […]


The Lusitania: Timeline of Events

The sinking of the Lusitania has gone down in history as the most notorious U-boat attack of the First World War. Here, MHM takes a look at the Lusitania‘s timeline, from its construction through to its sinking, as well as the notable events that took place as a result of this tragedy.   This information appeared as part of […]


Events Guide

An MHM selection of some of the best events coming up over the next few months, from exhibitions and anniversaries, right through to lectures, balls, and outdoor events.


Waterloo Guide

As we approach the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, MHM takes a look at some of the books and tours on offer.


TOP FIVE: Military Sidecars

MHM looks at the innovative designs in military sidecars since 1914, including the Scott Mobile Machine Gun, and the Watsonian Sidecar Ambulance.


[Competition Closed] MHM 56 Caption Competition

Think of something appropriately witty for this picture and leave your caption as a comment below. The best caption will be judged by the editorial team and published in the next issue of Military History Monthly! This month’s image comes from the article on the sinking of the Lusitania, the most notorious U-boat attack of the First […]


[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win a copy of ‘War’s Nomads’!

This month, we have 3 copies of War’s Nomads  by Frederick Grice to be won! Military history distributor Casemate UK has launched its own publishing imprint focusing on British and European military history. The new Casemate UK (CUK) books will complement the hundreds of military history titles already distributed by the company, from publishers including Stackpole, Helion and Company, Histoire et Collections, Fighting High Publishing, Amber, […]


MHM 56 – May 2015

The May issue of Military History Monthly, the British military history magazine, is on sale today.


FILM REVIEW: American Sniper

MHM reviews American Sniper, the 2014 release based on the memoirs of highly decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, who completed four tours of Iraq between 1999 and 2009.

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