BEHIND THE IMAGE: Inside the Fortress

It looks like the interior of a spaceship. But the shimmering framework is that of a B-17F, under construction at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California, in 1942.


War of Words – ‘kamikaze’

Driven by desperation in the waning months of the Second World War – and motivated by a martial code, bushido, that glorified self-sacrifice and brooked no surrender – around 4,000 Japanese aircrew conducted suicide attacks against US and Allied warships in a vain attempt to halt the onslaught against Japan.


American Air Museum at Duxford granted listed status

During the Second World War, Duxford was both an RAF and a United States Army Air Force station, playing an important role in the Battle of Britain. Many of its original structures remain intact and are themselves listed.


REVIEW – SAS: Band of Brothers

Yet, from the outset, this is a history with a difference. Set in the aftermath of D-Day, it concerns SABU-70, a 12-man SAS raiding party.


REVIEW – Lancaster: the forging of a very British legend

Penned by former RAF Navigator and Gulf War veteran John Nichol, Lancaster is one of the most enthralling aviation history books I have read. But its succinct title does not do it justice. Its pages narrate not only the history of the legendary bomber but also of those who flew her.


Facebook steps in to save struggling Bletchley Park

Closed for four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum lost as much as 95% of its income, which is heavily reliant on visitors. Before the donation, it was estimated to end the year with a deficit of £2m, putting many jobs at risk.

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