[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of FIVE copies of No Worse Enemy

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Take the MHM quiz for your chance to win one of five copies of No Worse Enemy by Ben Anderson.

The war in Afghanistan is over ten years old. It has cost countless lives and hundreds of billions of pounds.
Politicians talk of progress, but the violence is worse than ever.

In this powerful and shocking exposé from the front lines in Helmand province, leading journalist and documentary-maker Ben Anderson (Panorama, Dispatches, HBO) shows just how bad the ruinous war in Afghanistan has become. Detailing battles that last for days, only to be fought again weeks later, and disturbing incompetence among the Afghan army and police, he raises urgent questions about our recent and current strategies in Afghanistan.

Raising urgent questions about our recent and current strategies in Afghanistan, Anderson highlights the vast gulf that exists between what we are told and what is actually happening on the ground. A product of five years’ unrivalled access to UK forces and US Marines, this is the most intimate and horrifying account of the Afghan war you will read.

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