[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of 3 Books and 3 DVDs of ‘One Woman’s War’

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This month we have three books and DVDs of One Woman’s War, by Eileen Younghusband, to be won!

competitionbookWinston Churchill immortalised the fighter pilots who won the Battle of Britain as ‘The Few’. But behind them was another group of people, even fewer in number, whose work was too secret to acknowledge.

After joining the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) at just eighteen years of age, Eileen Younghusband was thrust into a world at war. As an invaluable part of the Radar chain, Eileen and her fellow WAAF officers plotted the devastating V1 rockets during the Blitz. On 8 September 1944 Eileen raised the first alarm for a V2 rocket, codenamed ‘Big Ben’ which landed on Chiswick. During a rare respite, Eileen married, only to be posted in Belgium six weeks later where her mission was to track down the V2 launch sites. Before being demobilised she was employed as a ‘guide’ around the liberated concentration camp known as the ‘Camp of Silence and Death’, Fort Breendonk.

At ninety-one years of age, Eileen takes you on fascinating and inspiring journey that will appeal to an extremely wide demographic.

Competition now closed

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