MHM Competition: October/November [Competition Closed]

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This issue, we’re giving away three copies of Agincourt: battle of the scarred king by Michael Livingston, courtesy of Osprey Publishing

King Henry V’s victory against the odds over the French armies at Agincourt on 25 October 1415 is unquestionably one of the most famous battles in history, immortalised by Shakespeare and, subsequently, numerous times by Hollywood.

In this new book, Dr Michael Livingston takes a fresh look at the events of Agincourt, going back to original sources – including a remarkable surviving French battle-plan – to challenge traditional interpretations about the site of the engagement and to reconsider the experiences of the men who fought and died there.

This issue, three lucky winners will each receive a copy of the book. To find out more about Osprey, please visit their website.

This competition is now closed

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