MHM Caption Competition: June 2020 — Winners Announced!

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We asked you to think of something appropriately witty for this image taken from our article on the Battle of Berlin, from the June/July issue of Military History Matters. Here are the winners:


‘Love conquers all.’ — Antony Ward


‘From Russia with love.’ — Joe Varner

‘Tanks for the memories!’ — Aubrey Webb

‘Well, the earth certainly moved for me, Derek.’ — Rob Falconer


    • ‘ “One careful driver” he said… “durable reliable family vehicle seats five” he said…”fuel efficient and cheap spares” he said”….’

  1. Can the owner of the vehicle parked in the picnic area please remove it immediately. . .thankyou!

  2. The origin of the Beatles lyrics “It’s been a hard day’s night and I’ve been working like a dog.”

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