MHM Caption Competition: October 2023

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Can you come up with something appropriately witty for this image from our article on Arminius in the October/November 2023 issue of Military History Matters?

Leave your caption as a comment below. The best answers will be judged by our editorial team and published online in early November. Good luck!

Feeling lucky? Then enter our latest competition! We’re giving away three copies of Agincourt: battle of the scarred king by Michael Livingston, courtesy of Osprey Publishing. Enter here.


  1. We’re from the IOC & are investigating irregularities in your last relay race. Namely you passed your baton to the wrong side to gain an advantage.

  2. I’m not sure of the translation General, but I think they have awarded you a great honour, ‘The short end of the stick’, and they want you to accomany them to the forest of Teutoberg for some sort of presentation.

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