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Patricia Hammond

Armistice Day – Patricia Hammond

On 11/11/11, Joy Robinson took a trip down to the Poppy Factory in Richmond to view the unique and exciting artist, Patricia Hammond, deliver a moving performance of her stunning new album Our Lovely Day. Of all the days to visit The Poppy Factory in Richmond, 11/11/11 could not have been more appropriate.  Normally, there […]

15th-Century Armour

15th-Century Armour

By the late 15th century, armour weighed 60lbs or more, leaving men breathless, sluggish, and subject to rapid fatigue. It also dulled the senses. Worst of all, when things went wrong, it made it exceptionally hard for wearers to escape enemy pursuit, adding to the holocaust of the English nobility that was such a feature of the Wars of the Roses.

British grenadiers square

British Grenadiers – Soldier Profile

Grenadier companies were first formed in the British Army in 1678, and were not finally abolished until 1855. By the time of the Quebec campaign, the 13 companies of a British foot battalion included one of grenadiers and one of light infantry. The grenadiers, as the battalion elite, were traditionally posted on the right (with […]

MHM 15

Military History Monthly – December 2011

The December 2011 issue of Military History Monthly, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today.   In the latest issue we cover:   Bosworth – What really happened? Battlefield archaeology has transformed our understanding of how King Richard III lost his throne. Military History Monthly assesses the evidence and attempts to reconstruct what actually […]

British Soldier in Afghanistan

Defending the Forces

Mark Corby got it wrong about modern British Army performance, argues paratrooper Tom Blakey. With over 23 years’ service, I have served on operations in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Iraq, and Afghanistan (multiple tours of each, except for the Balkans operations). After reading Mark Corby’s Opinion piece ‘Falling Standards’ in MT 13, I was left […]

The Soldiers

Competition Closed: MHM Quiz: Win a copy of The Soldiers' Best Of Album

Take the MHM quiz for you chance to win one of eight copies of the The Soldiers‘ Best Of album. The Soldiers are: Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi, Staff Sergeant Richie Maddocks, and Sergeant Major Gary Chilton. Their debut album, Coming Home released in 2009, went double platinum before their 2010 release, Letters Home soon found itself […]

Military Times Questionnaire

Military Times Questionnaire

We appreciate your feedback.  So as to best tailor future articles to meet the interests of our readers, it is important for us to know how you feel about our past features.

Captured Indian mutineers being strapped to cannon.

Barbarism in War

What makes modern wars so barbaric, asks Military Times Editor Neil Faulkner. All forms of warfare can produce atrocities. The survival instinct and a need for split-second judgement about perceived threat can cause soldiers to shoot rather than seek to capture an opponent. Fear can turn into anger in the heat of combat, and battle frenzy cause […]

Guerrilla attack on a blockhouse

Boers, Blockhouses and Barbed Wire

Since 1945, most wars have been asymmetrical struggles between conventional armies and guerrilla insurgents. Vietnam rather than Korea has been the model. And it seems clear that the balance of advantage has shifted from the regular to the irregular. The modern guerrilla armed with long-range, rapid-fire, precision weaponry is a far more formidable opponent than predecessors bearing spear […]