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Sino-Japanese War

How dangerous is North Korea?

Neil Faulkner assesses the latest Korean crisis in the light of the peninsula’s troubled history. The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il has put the erratic and secretive regime in Pyongyang back under the international spotlight. The great powers with an interest in the Korean peninsula – China, Russia, Japan, and the US – […]


Royal Logistic Corps Museum, Surrey

Roving reporter Keith Robinson has discovered a splendid little museum hidden away in the Army’s traditional west Surrey home. The Royal Logistic Corps is a new formation, and its museum is housed appropriately in a new building on the campus of Princess Royal Barracks, close to Camberley and Aldershot, the Army’s traditional home in leafy […]



Andy Lawrence continues his series discussing the major themes of military history. This month, alliances. With friends like these… Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt all sat together at Yalta. Why do many see this as the iconic photograph of World War II? Possibly because it encapsulates the key reason for the Axis defeat in 1945. We […]


Military History Monthly – February 2012

The February 2012 issue of Military History Monthly, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today. In the latest issue we cover:   Codes and ciphers – Code-breaking in Bletchley Park How did you become a Bletchley boffin? What was it like to get the call? Renowned historian Asa Briggs talks to MHM about his wartime service as […]


Music of the Great War

For our War Culture regular this month we featured popular music of the First World War. Follow the links below to get a feel for the sort of songs played to troops on leave and the loved ones they left behind. From the excitement of We’re Going Over, the knees-up jollity of When the Kaiser Does the Goosestep […]

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Pen & Sword books

Competition Closed: MHM Quiz: Win one of three books from Pen & Sword

Take the MHM quiz for you chance to win one of three books from Pen & Sword. This month we have THREE books from Pen & Sword to be won. See the Second World War as you never have before with these three IMAGES OF WAR books from Pen & Sword. Nigel Blundell’s Winston Churchill contains many rare and unpublished photographs […]

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Military History Monthly – January 2012

The January 2012 issue of Military History Monthly, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today. In the latest issue we cover:   Knights Templar – Stormtroops of the Crusades Modern fiction has immortalised the Order of the Temple as a force for good. But how much of that portrayal is true? MHM casts a critical eye […]


The Anatomy of Military Incompetence

Indecision Breeds Defeat Failure to make any decision is almost as bad as making a poor decision. Decisiveness, one way or another, is a quality generally valued on the battlefield, whereas ditherers seldom get a good press. The heat of conflict can often turn previously clear-minded men into stumbling wrecks. Napoleon’s mastery of the battlefield in the early years of the 19th century needs […]


Competition Closed: MHM Quiz: Win a copy of Patricia Hammond's album 'Our Lovely Day'

Take the MHM quiz for you chance to win one of three copies of the Patricia Hammond’s Our Lovely Day album. Popular music is back! Mezzo-soprano Patricia Hammond’s debut album is a gloriously unique renaissance of popular songs from days gone by. Recorded on authentic instrumentation from as far back as the early 1900s, each song sounds as fresh and […]