This issue, we’re giving away two limited-edition model tanks from Corgi’s new ‘Military Legends’ range.

At the height of the Second World War in 1943, Winston Churchill demanded a new infantry support tank be developed to cross the battlefield. The result was the British Churchill infantry tank, which, although cumbersome in its appearance, was one of the best Allied tanks of WWII. Its success lay in its thick frontal armour, which made it impervious to all but the most powerful German guns.

The Cromwell tank might not have been in the same league – it was no match for the repower of the German Tigers and Panthers. Yet it was designed for speed, and this enabled rapid tactical advances. A late war tank with an unusually long development period, the first Cromwell did not enter combat until the D-Day landings.

Three lucky winners will receive a model of both tanks. The models come from Military Legends, Corgi’s newest product range, consisting of eight iconic military vehicles from throughout history. Each tank is presented in 1:50 scale, decorated with authentic livery, and accompanied by a limited-edition certificate and a detailed history of the vehicle. To browse Corgi’s range of models, visit

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