MHM August/September 2022

The August/September 2022 issue of Military History Matters, the British military history magazine, is out now. The best way to access the magazine is to subscribe. Click here to find out more. To read the digital archive, click here. You can also access the magazine online (as well as exclusive extra content) at our new website, The Past. IN THIS ISSUE:WARFARE & THE WALL: THE GENESIS

MHM June/July 2022

- Against the odds: how Hitler’s airborne elite took Crete

- The King’s culprits: what became of the prisoners of 1798?

- The Battle of Sluys: a forgotten medieval naval clash

- Conflict and consequences: the myth of decisive battle

- Black soldiers in the American West

MHM April/May 2022

- Churchill’s darkest hour: the military disasters of 1942

- Renaissance warfare: a military revolution

- Waterloo uncovered: veterans, archaeology, and the battlefield

- The charge of the Iron Fleet: Charleston, 1863

- The Butterfly Effect: the accident that triggered the Blitz

MHM February/March 2022

- The Battle of Crécy: how a new way of war led to an extraordinary victory

- ‘The worst maritime disaster ever’: the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff

- General Wolfe at Quebec, 1759: a new analysis

- The Battle of Chinese Farm: Sinai, 1973

- The resistance and the return: the Philippines, 1942-1945