Military Times – September 2011

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The September 2011 issue of Military Times, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today.

In the latest issue we cover:

The Beast at Bay  Hitler in the Bunker

What enabled Hitler to drag his entire nation into an apocalypse of destruction unparalleled in military history? Nigel Jones narrates the the final desperate months of mounting insanity.


History of the British Army in 25 Battles Blenheim

Blenheim was the strategic and tactical masterpiece that turned Britain into a great power and launched her on the path to global supremacy.  The spotlight is on the commander, the Duke of Marlborough, as we trace the wellsprings of his genius in the revolutionary transformation of Britain in the preceding 60 years.


Gaza, 1917

As the bloody Battle of Ypres came to an end, another battle was unfolding in Palastine – a battle that would turn out to be one of the most decisive British victories of the First World War, and one that had been won before the first shot was fired.


India’s Boudica – The Rhani of Jhansi

Military historian Patrick Mercer tells the story of the extraordinary warrior-queen who led the desperate last-ditch resistance to British rule during the closing stages of the Indian Mutiny.


The Will to Fight

Jonathan Fennell discusses the importance of morale, and how well it held during the First and Second World Wars.


Also in this issue Museums, Book Reviews and Battlefield guides

From the editor

Neil Faulkner, Editor

Military Times is the new monthly magazine dedicated to answering the big questions of military history. The aim is not only to bring you action-packed narrative, but to provide all the technical detail, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge controversy you need to understand not just what happened, but also why. Military Times aims to bridge the gap between the general reader and the world of professional soldiers and military historians.

Fascinating in itself, conflict has shaped the whole of history, and continues to remake the world today. This is the magazine for everyone who wants to understand war, past and present, in all its dimensions.


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