Military Times – November 2011

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The November 2011 issue of Military Times, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today.

01_MT14_1111In the latest issue we cover:

Boers, blockhouses, and barbed wire  Kitchener’s counterinsurgency war

Military Times analyses Herbert Kitchener’s method of counterinsurgency as he faced guerrilla resistance to British rule in South Africa in 1899.


History of the British Army in 25 Battles  Plassey

For our next instalment of the series, we look at a battle so decisive that its outcome on 23 June 1757 forged the history of Britain, India, and the British Army for two centuries.


Wingate’s Warriors – The toughest Allied infantry combat of the Second World War

Military historian Tony Redding draws on interviews with 50 veterans of the two Chindit operations in Japanese-occupied Burma to provide a visceral account of the campaigns.


Huey – How the helicopter determined the outcome of the Vietnam War

Regular MT contributor Matt Leonard discusses the Huey helicopter’s role in the Vietnam War.


The Tower Under Siege – A history of one of Britain’s most important buildings

With his new book on the subject published this month, Nigel Jones reveals the Tower of London, not as a tourist attraction, but as a fortress with a long record of medieval siege-warfare.


Also in this issue: Museums, Book Reviews and Battlefield guides.

From the editor

Neil Faulkner, Editor

Military Times is the new monthly magazine dedicated to answering the big questions of military history. The aim is not only to bring you action-packed narrative, but to provide all the technical detail, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge controversy you need to understand not just what happened, but also why. Military Times aims to bridge the gap between the general reader and the world of professional soldiers and military historians.

Fascinating in itself, conflict has shaped the whole of history, and continues to remake the world today. This is the magazine for everyone who wants to understand war, past and present, in all its dimensions.


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