Military Times – April 2011

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The May issue of Military Times, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today.

01_MT7_0411Key features in this packed issue include:

150 year anniversary of the American Civil War

When Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States, his achievement was hailed as the completion of a process begun by the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
The result of Lincoln’s election was America’s bloodiest war. It was 150 years ago on 12 April 1861, that the guns opened fire at Fort Sumter. Our lead feature this issue offers a complex answer to a simple question: why was the American Civil War so terrible?

75 year anniversary of the Spitfire

We profile fighter-ace Peter Ayerst and the machine he flew during the Battle of Britain, El Alamein, and the Normandy campaign, as well as charting the design development of the world’ most iconic plane.

The History of the Samurai Wars
To celebrate the launch of Shogun 2, in association with Intel, we have an 18 page feature on the History of the Samurai Wars.
Written by leading expert in Japanese military history, Professor Stephen Turnbill.

Also in this issue:

What really happened to the Ninth Legion of Rome?

The Battle of Towton – England’s bloodiest field

Sink the Bismarck – The “Mighty Hood” vs the “Invincible Bismarck”. Find out what happened, and how the sinking of this monstrous battleship helped turn the tide of WWII.

Museums, Book Reviews and Battlefield guides

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