Military History Monthly – February 2012

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The February 2012 issue of Military History Monthly, the British Military History magazine, is on sale today.

In the latest issue we cover:


Codes and ciphers – Code-breaking in Bletchley Park

How did you become a Bletchley boffin? What was it like to get the call? Renowned historian Asa Briggs talks to MHM about his wartime service
as a code-breaker, and we lift the lid on the secret world of spooks and ciphers.


History of the British Army – Saratoga, 13 September – 17 October 1777

What did the British Army learn from its disastrous encounter with American rebels in the wooded wilderness of the Hudson Valley?


The fall of Singapore – ‘The worst disaster and capitulation in British history’
Colonel Ronnie McCrum takes a critical look at a battle that was lost before the war began.


Ireland, AD 1169-1171 – The other Norman conquest

Military historian Jeffrey James discovers the deep roots of Britain’s ‘Irish Problem’ – in the Norman conquest launched a century after the Battle of Hastings.


The war of the flea – Cyprus, 1955-1958

Regular MHM contributor David Sloggett analyses the Greek-Cypriot War of Liberation.


Also in this issue: Museums, Book Reviews and Battlefield guides.

From the editor

Neil Faulkner, Editor

Military History Monthly is the new monthly magazine dedicated to answering the big questions of military history. The aim is not only to bring you action-packed narrative, but to provide all the technical detail, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge controversy you need to understand not just what happened, but also why. Military History Monthly aims to bridge the gap between the general reader and the world of professional soldiers and military historians.

Fascinating in itself, conflict has shaped the whole of history, and continues to remake the world today. This is the magazine for everyone who wants to understand war, past and present, in all its dimensions.


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