MHM July 2018

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The July issue of MHM, the British military history magazine, is now on sale.

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In this issue:

Marlborough and Eugene

This issue’s special feature explores a military partnership that reshaped the European continent: that between the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy.

In our first feature, Graham Goodlad gives an overview of Marlborough and Eugene’s masterly collaboration – including Malplaquet (1709), one of their bloodiest and bitterly fought battles. In our second, MHM Editor Neil Faulkner focuses on one of their great joint victories: the Battle of Oudenarde, 1708.

Balkan Victory: the Battle of Neretva, 1943

Chris Bambery analyses the failed Axis attempt to smash the Yugoslav Partisans in World War II.

Septimius Severus: the first ‘Hammer of the Scots’

Simon Elliott analyses the campaigns of the Emperor Septimius Severus in Scotland in the early 3rd century AD – the Romans’ last attempt to conquer northern Britain.

Mau Mau Uprising, Kenya, 1952-1964

Ken Wright exposes brutal end-of-empire repression during the Kenya emergency of 1952 to 1964.

Regiment: The Stamp Lickers (The Post Office Rifles, 2/8th Battalion, The London Regiment)

Patrick Mercer recounts the gallantry of an old Territorial unit amid the mud and blood of Passchendaele, at Wurst Farm, September 1917.

Also in this issue:

War on Film; Women at War; War Culture, Behind the Image, Book Reviews; Museum Review; Event Listings; Competitions; and much more.

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From the editor

MHM Editor Dr Neil Faulkner

A few months ago, we featured the extraordinary military partnership between Robert E Lee and Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson during the American Civil War.

This month, we scrutinise another such military partnership: that between John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, and Prince Eugene of Savoy, who fought for the Holy Roman Empire of the Austrian Habsburgs, during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Marlborough fought four classic pitched battles – Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenarde, and Malplaquet – and in three of them he worked in harness with Eugene.

Our special looks at the joint career of these two great commanders, and provides a detailed analysis of the Battle of Oudenarde in 1708.

Also this issue, Chris Bambery describes the Battle of Neretva in early 1943, an abortive attempt by Axis forces to surround and annihilate Tito’s Yugoslav Partisans, while Ken Wright tells the grim story of British atrocities during the Mau Mau insurgency in 1950s Kenya.

Simon Elliott returns with a detailed account of the last (failed) Roman attempt to conquer Scotland – under the Emperor Severus in the early 3rd century AD – and Patrick Mercer’s regiment this time is the ‘Stamp Lickers’ – the Post Office Rifles – at Passchendaele in 1917.

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