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The April issue of Military History Matters, the British military history magazine, is now on sale.

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Front cover of the April 2019 issue of Military History Matters magazine .

In this issue:

After D-Day: Normandy, 1944

Blockbuster movies have been made about the legendary D-Day landings, but little attention is paid to what happened afterwards. Although the landings succeeded in puncturing the German Atlantic Wall, a long campaign of bitter fighting lay ahead, as the Allies pushed forward towards Germany. Our special this time focuses on this breakout from Normandy.

In our first feature, Cameron Ross analyses Operation Cobra, the US First Army’s campaign of July 1944. In our second, MHM Editor Neil Faulkner describes the intensity of bocage fighting in the fields and hedgerows of the French countryside.

Jacobite Risings: the bitter end of a royal line

Jeremy Black analyses the military and political significance of the Jacobite Risings that punctuated British history between 1689 and 1746.

The Creek War: a desperate, doomed encounter

Fred Chiaventone reports on the struggle between Andrew Jackson and Indian chieftain ‘Red Eagle’ for territorial control of the Creek region.

Tsushima: the Japanese Trafalgar

Arnold Harvey relives the 20th-century naval battle that turned Japan into a Great Power.

Regiment 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry

Patrick Mercer sheds light on the events that sparked the Indian Mutiny of 1857.

Also in this issue:

War on Film; Royal Deaths at War; War Culture, Behind the Image, Book Reviews; Museum Review; Event Listings; Competitions; and much more.

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From the editor

MHM Editor Dr Neil Faulkner

As the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings approaches, we use the opportunity to take a look at the dramatic events and the desperate fighting that took place in the weeks afterwards.

Commemorations around these anniversaries usually make me uneasy. As a historian who believes that we must understand the past in order to make better decisions in the future, I am often left in doubt about their value.

Will the D-Day commemorations attempt to deepen our understanding of what happened, and why, and to reconstruct the grim human cost of destroying the Third Reich? Will these lessons be applied to the contemporary challenges that face us today?

Our features take a serious look at the relatively neglected breakout offensive of late July 1944 – Operation Cobra – setting this in the context of the two months of bocage fighting that led up to it.

Also this issue, we have Arnold Harvey on ‘Japan’s Trafalgar’, the Battle of Tsushima in 1905, a shock victory of a rising Asiatic power over a European Great Power; Fred Chiaventone retells the story of Andrew Jackson and the Creek War of 1813-1814; Jeremy Black argues forcefully that the Jacobite rebellions could have succeeded; and Patrick Mercer offers an edgy account of the Meerut Mutiny of 1857.

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