MHM 81 – June 2017

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The June issue of Military History Monthly, the British military history magazine, is now on sale.

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In this issue:

WWI Balkan Blitzkriegs

Combined German, Austrian, and Bulgarian forces wreaked destruction on Serbia and Romania during the First World War. In this month’s 15-page special, we take a look at how this new ‘lightning’ warfare played out in the Balkan states.

Julian Spilsbury investigates the destruction of Serbia, whilst MHM Editor Neil Faulkner explores the Romanian campaign. The features contain exclusive battle maps, tactical analysis, and a discussion of the wider diplomatic context.

Britain’s Third Reich: Recruiting in the Empire

Why did Englishmen and British subjects across the globe choose to fight for the enemy? Rafe McGregor discovers that the British Empire was riddled with dissent during the Second World War – and that the Nazis found many willing recruits for the Third Reich’s War effort. Also included is a sneak-peak at the Englishmen who supported Hitler’s fascism.

Praetorian Guard

Guy de la Bédoyère examines the rise and fall of Rome’s elite Praetorian Guard, the emperor’s imperial bodyguard. Throughout his analysis, the crucial question arises: who guards the guardians?

The Great Locomotive Chase: the Andrews Raid of 1862 

David Norris uncovers the true story that inspired Buster Keaton’s The General and Walt Disney’s The Great Locomotive Chase.

Regiment: The Royal Engineers at Delhi, 1857

Patrick Mercer pays homage to the British Army’s legendary Sapper corps.

Also in this issue:

  • Muirhead Bone: Portrait of a war artist
  • The new-look National Army Museum
  • War on Film Special: D-day on camera
  • Behind the Image: Picasso’s masterpiece 
  • Book Reviews
  • Event Listings
  • Competitions
  • And much more!

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From the editor

Neil Faulkner

MHM Editor Dr Neil Faulkner

The First World War created modern warfare. Only a month or so after it started, the technology of the 20th century had killed the tactics of the 19th. In their place, at first, was the stalemate of the empty battlefield and static trench-lines. Only slowly did the military impasse give rise to a new way of war.

Partly it depended on artillery, armour, and airpower. But something more profound was happening: the dissolution of the ‘lines’ in which men had fought since the Ancient Greeks.

The Germans were the pioneers – of defence in depth, infiltration tactics, and specialist assault troops. Thus, on the Western Front, did they defeat the British offensive in autumn 1917, then smash the British line in spring 1918.

Our special this issue focuses on two classic early ‘blitzkrieg’ campaigns – the destruction by the Central Powers of first Serbia in 1915, and then Romania in 1916. Both were models of a new way of war based on technology, innovatory tactics, and sheer professional panache.

Also this issue, we have Guy de la Bédoyère on the Praetorian Guard, Rome’s imperial elite; Rafe McGregor on the Nazis’ British Empire volunteers; Patrick Mercer on the Royal Engineers at Delhi, 1857; and David Norris on the real-life escapade that inspired a Hollywood silent classic.


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