Civilization: The making of a gaming dynasty

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The history of Sid Meir’s Civilization series is of interest in its own right.

A true gaming pioneer, for more than twenty years Sid Meiers has been the driving force behind the world-famous strategy game.   With technology partners Intel enhancing the latest game, Civilization V is highly advanced gaming world, but one that any player can quickly pick up.

World domination

In Civilization V players lead a civilization through the ages, from prehistoric times into the future.

The aim of the game is world domination.  With the correct mix of research, diplomacy, expansion, economical strength and military might, the player expands their civilization’s borders, builds their empire and conquers the world.

The choices made along the way determine the success of the civilization, and so right from the start

deciding which path to follow, in terms of research and nurture, is an integral

part of the overall flow of the game.

By strategically assembling ones armies and taking time to assess unit positions, strengths, and weaknesses, you are directly put into the position of whichever leader you decide to be. Violent dictator or peaceful diplomat, world domination is the goal.


History of Civilization

1984 – Microprose is formed.

1990 – Railroad Tycoon, Civilization’s gaming forbear is created.

1991 -Sid Meier’s Civilization paves the way for the Civilzation series, introducing

many of the hallmarks of what makes Civilization what it is today.

1994 – Sid Meier’s Colonization is released, introducing the world to young designer, Brian Reynolds.

1996 – Sid Meier’s Civilization II brings hugely improved graphics and A.I to the table

2001 – Sid Meier’s Civilization III sees the franchise moving to Firaxis Games, a new studio formed by Meier, Reynolds and Jeff Briggs.

2005 – Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, designed by Soren Johnson under Meier’s watchful eye, is released and becomes the best-reviewed, best-selling installment of the franchise.

2008 – Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution puts Meier back in the driver’s seat, sticking rigidly to the original Civilization ethos.

2010 – Civilization V is released to critical acclaim and glowing reviews. gives it 9.4 out of 10. G4TV gave it 5 out of 5 citing it as a ‘fantastic turn-based strategy game’.

Win your own copy

To celebrate the launch of Civilzation V, Military Times is offering you the chance to win a copy of the game, and Intel technology to enjoy it with.

To enter, all you need to do is cast your vote for who you think the greatest leader is of all time.

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