New English Civil War PC game released

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Guest Blog By Matrix Games Ltd

Without any doubt, the United Kingdom as we know it today could not exist without the conflict known as the ‘English Civil War’. For nine long years, from 1642 to 1651, the country saw two major factions fighting each other to the death — not just for supremacy, but to build the foundations of a new English society for centuries to come.

Starting with inconclusive battles and ill-practised, untrained troops, the conflict ended with the establishment of perhaps one of the best armies England ever had – the New Model Army. It also established the initial structure of the constitutional monarchy which remains part of the UK government system to this day.

Although parliament only achieved final supremacy in government affairs 40 years later, during the Glorious Revolution, the seeds of change which ultimately led to the creation of the English kingdom in its present form can be directly linked to the battlefields of Edgehill and Marston Moor, as well as many others during the first Civil War.

The new turn-based grand strategy game developed by Ageod and published by Matrix Games aims to recreate this bitter and decisive war with historical precision. With a detailed selection of the historical units of the conflict you will find the Covenanters, Newcastle’s Whitecoats, Cromwell’s Ironsides, the New Model Army, or the Cornish legendary infantry. Players can build and manage their armies throughout the campaigns set in the various theatres of operation such as Yorkshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, Bristol, Lincolnshire, and more.

The game includes an innovative card system that lets you trigger general ‘war’ events such as the Commission of Array, Recruitment, and Break Blockade. More historical events are triggered throughout the game, giving the player crucial decision points. These cover anything from the siege of a city, the arrival of the Queen, to Covenanters intervention.

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Matrix Games made a video interview with the contribution of The Sealed Knot Society – the largest re-enactment society in Europe – in support of this game.

Matrix Games Ltd is a video game publisher with over 20 years of experience in historical wargames for PC. Focused primarily, but not exclusively, with turn-based strategy games, their titles are renowned for their high-quality standards of historical accuracy.

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