MHM Competition: August/September [Competition Closed]

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This issue, we’re giving away three copies of At the Gates of Rome, courtesy of Osprey Publishing.

In this epic new book, master storyteller Don Hollway introduces us to two titans of the ancient world. Roman general Flavius Stilicho defended the Western Empire against repeated invasions, and no one represented a more potent threat than Alaric, King of the Goths.

At the Gates of Rome reveals the tale of Stilicho and Alaric and the series of hard-fought wars they waged. Stilicho bested his rival in battle but failed to capture the wily Alaric. Eventually a truce was declared. Alaric and his men would serve honourably in the Roman army, but it was a tentative peace, ultimately undone by the corruption at the heart of Rome.

Fatal betrayals finally drove the barbarian horde to bring down the world’s greatest civilisation. War had come to the gates of the Eternal City.

Don Hollway, author of The Last Viking, combines ancient chroniclers’ accounts of Stilicho and Alaric into an unforgettable history of betrayal, politics, intrigue, and war for the heart and soul of the Roman Empire.

This issue, three lucky winners will each receive a copy of the book (worth £20). To find out more about Osprey, please visit their website.

This competition is now closed

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