This month, Edinburgh University Press are giving away THREE copies of Spying on the World to lucky Military History Monthly readers!

Edinburgh-CompetitionFor more than half a century, the Joint Intelligence Committee or ‘JIC’ has been a central component of the British Government’s secret machinery. It represents the highest authority in the world of intelligence and acts as a broker between the spy and the policy-maker. From WWII to the War in Iraq, and from the Falklands to the IRA, it has been involved in almost every key foreign policy decision.

Across 20 chapters, Spying on the World reveals the declassified papers of the JIC. Each chapter reproduces an original intelligence assessment or report together with an introduction and notes to help you to understand what the intelligence revealed and what action was taken as a result. This collection shines a light on the workings of Whitehall’s secret world and the vital, previously unknown, role played by intelligence in pivotal events across the 20th and 21st centuries.

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