[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of TWO book bundles!

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This month we have TWO book bundles from Pen & Sword’s successful Images of War series to be won! Just answer the questions below for your chance to win.


Himmler's nazi concentration camp guards

Himmler’s Nazi Concentration Camp Guards
This book studies the whole process of recruitment, indoctrination, and performance of those responsible for the guarding of concentration camp inmates. The book studies their behaviour with examples of individuals routinely carrying out appalling acts of cruelty alone or alongside their counter parts. Written and compiled by a highly experienced author, researcher, and collector, the book follows the development of concentration camps from the early beginnings in the 1930s through their establishment in the conquered territories of Poland and Czechoslovakia to the extermination camps of Dachau and Auschwitz.

Armoured Warfare in the korean warArmoured Warfare in the Korean War
Korea, with its rugged mountains, narrow passes, steep valleys, and waterlogged fields was not ideal tank country. So the armour mainly supported the infantry and rarely engaged in battles of manoeuvre. Yet the wide variety of armour supporting UN and North Korean forces played a vital if unorthodox role in the swiftly moving campaigns. For this fascinating book, over 180 contemporary photographs have been selected to show Soviet-built T-34/85s and Su-76s; American M4 Shermans, M26 Pershings and M46 Pattons; and British Cromwells and Centurions in action in one of the defining conflicts of the Cold War.

Rommel's army in the desertRommel’s Army in the Desert
This collection of photographs is taken from the albums of three members of the vaunted Afrika Korps. For the first time, the daily reality of the North African campaign can be seen from the German point of view. With numerous photographs of vehicles and men at work, this collection paints a portrait of the dangerous conditions and the harsh, brutal nature of desert warfare.


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