This month we have 3 copies of Shooting Stars: Ten Historical Miniatures to be won.

CompetitionIn Germany, Shooting Stars has never been out of print and has sold almost two million copies. This first new translation in 70 years gives you the chance to read about ten pivotal moments in world history, condensed – with Zweig’s typical verve and eccentric brilliance – into dramatic vignettes, each capturing the essence of one of the most extraordinary events to shape human experience. This important publishing event will bring the wonder of Zweig’s work to an even wider audience.

From the California Gold Rush to Handel’s Messiah, via the fall of Byzantium, and Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific in 1513, from a single night in which 17 ships were carried across a mountainous headland to the creation and unstoppable power of the French Revolution’s blood-soaked anthem, Shooting Stars captures with wit and passion the courage and spirit of humanity.

This is history as you’ve never read it before, brought to dazzling life by one of the world’s literary masters.

Competition now closed

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