This month we have 10 hardback copies of Noble Endeavours: The Life of Two Countries, England and Germany, in Many Stories by Miranda Seymour to be won.


No two countries in Europe possess a stronger history of cultural and familial sympathy, trust, and mutual respect than Britain and Germany. No two countries share the same profound, rivalrous, and haunting past.

Noble Endeavours tells a rich, vibrant story that needs to be heard. While every person remembers all too well the horrors of two World Wars and the glory of one World Cup, Miranda Seymour recovers remarkable stories and photographs from a wealth of unpublished material to also remind us – poignantly, wittily, tragically – of all that we’ve forgotten.

It is the history of two countries so entwined that one man, asked for his allegiance in 1916, said he couldn’t decide as it would be like choosing between two bickering parents.

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