This month, we have no fewer than 10 copies of A Military History of Scotland to be won.


Edward M Spiers, Jeremy A Crang, and Matthew Strickland
Edinburgh University Press,
ISBN 978-0748694495

The Scottish soldier has been at war for over 2,000 years. Until now, no reference work has attempted to examine this vast heritage of warfare. The Edinburgh University Press’s A Military History of Scotland offers readers an unparalleled insight into the evolution of the Scottish military tradition. This wide-ranging and extensively illustrated volume traces the military history of Scotland from prehistory to the recent conflict in Afghanistan.

Edited by three leading military historians, and featuring contributions from 30 scholars, it explores the role of warfare in the emergence of a Scottish kingdom, the forging of a Scottish-British military identity, and the participation of Scots in Britain’s imperial and world wars. Eschewing a narrow definition of military history, it investigates the cultural and physical aspects of Scotland’s military past, such as Scottish military dress and music, the role of the Scottish soldier in art and literature, Scotland’s fortifications and battlefield archaeology, and Scotland’s military memorials and museum collections.

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