[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of FIVE copies of ‘Shooting the War’

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Take the MHM quiz for your chance to win one of five copies of Shooting the War

See the Second World War like you never have before – through the eyes of ordinary British and German people, as they recorded it using home-movie cameras. Some of these amateur film enthusiasts were soldiers, others stayed at home with their cameras, so the monotonous grind of life on the Home Front, in the barracks, and on the front line is juxtaposed with the visceral horrors of war, captured from a uniquely human perspective.

Watch the footage shot by men during the Battle of Stalingrad and even the D-Day landings; see women embroiled in the war as workers, mothers and, for the first time, fighters; and join grown-ups looking back through the films of their childhood, recalling the impact of Hitler on their lives: the evacuations, the terror of Jewish children, and the sorrow of post-war poverty as parents were forced to sell all their possessions.

These remarkable amateur films – and the stories of the fighting men, women, and children in them – take us into the heart of the wartime experience of ordinary people, showing us how they managed to survive what were extraordinary times.

Competition now closed

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