[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of FIVE copies of ‘Leaders & Dictators of World War II’

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Take the MHM quiz for your chance to win one of five copies of Leaders & Dictators of World War II.

These are the men who dictated the outcome of the bloodiest war in history. World War II impacted hundreds of millions of people around the world, yet it was the decisions of just a few powerful leaders that arguably set the course of the conflict.

This new documentary from GO ENTERTAIN looks back at the men whose decisions meant the difference between life and death for millions of innocent civilians: from Hitler, responsible for initiating the conflict, to Churchill, the man who took Britain to war as Nazi forces started to take Europe by force; from Hitler’s close ally Mussolini to Roosevelt, who brought America into the war in 1941.

Archive footage that has rarely been seen in the past 70 years, expert analysis, and previously unseen footage shape an in-depth portrait of four men who perhaps did more than any others to influence the path World War II took.

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