[Competition Closed] MHM Quiz: Win one of 3 copies of ‘The Battle for Syria, 1918-1920’

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This month we have three copies of The Battle for Syria, 1918-1920 to be won!

CompetitionFollowing the capture of Jerusalem, the Allied armies continued their campaign against the Turks, beating them at the great Battle of Megiddo and capturing Damascus with two forces simultaneously: the Australians, and T E Lawrence’s Arab insurgents. The French arrived late but, thanks to the secret – and now infamous – Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1915, were entitled to take over both Syria and Lebanon. The book covers all this in detail, as well as explaining how influenza weakened the next Allied advance, and how the Turks regrouped north of Aleppo to stop the Allies in their tracks.

Also covered are the subsequent peace negotiations, in which nationalist aspirations were thwarted; the French imperial grip on Syria was strengthened; and the Arab leader, Faisal, ousted from Syria, was provided with a kingdom by the British in Iraq.

At a time when new turmoil has brought Syria again to the headlines, this study provides exceptionally timely information on how Syria was fought over and shaped, as rule over the country by the Turkish Empire was brought to an end.

Competition now closed

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