This month, we have THREE copies of Classics Illustrated: World War II to be won!

Book-Cover_optTo mark the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, Classic Comic Store’s special issue of Classics Illustrated, World War II, tells the astonishing and horrifying story of the Second World War in comic-strip format.

Classics Illustrated: World War II traces the chronology of the most costly war in human history from its outbreak to its conclusion, with over 60 million dead, trials for crimes against humanity, and a new terrifying threat hanging over the world: the atomic bomb.

The book is 100 pages long, containing 96 pages of comic-strip retellings, and four pages that explore the war further, with fascinating facts, pictures, discussion questions, and more.

All major events in the war are covered, including the coming to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, the Dunkirk evacuation, the Battle of Britain, and the Siege of Stalingrad. The book also has biographies of several major war leaders, from Winston Churchill to Erwin Rommel, Dwight D Eisenhower to Hideki Tojo.

This book is a must-have for all World War II enthusiasts, and indeed anyone with even the slightest interest in world history.

Competition now closed.

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