This issue, we’re giving away three copies of Roman Soldier, courtesy of Haynes Publishing.

The history of the Roman Empire and its military prowess resounds through the ages. At its height the empire covered five million square kilometres and held sway over 70 million people. How did a small city state in Latium achieve such prominence, and carve an empire against which all other empires are measured? The answer is, in part, Rome’s legions.

It was Roman soldiers who carved out a foothold in Italy from warring neighbours. It was the legions who made the empire safe from external menaces – such as the Carthaginians, Greeks and Parthians – and who defeated fierce tribal leaders such as Boudicca in Britain and Vercingetorix in Gaul. It was the Roman legionaries who did much of the early building in these provinces, and who policed the new borders. They maintained internal order, crushed rebellions by subjects or slaves, and provided the necessary muscle for imperial governors.

This highly illustrated manual gets to grips with what we know about the men of the legions, and includes fascinating detail on kit, equipment, weapons and insignia, as well as their unique fighting formations and battle tactics.

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