MHM Competition: April/May [Competition Closed]

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This issue, we’re giving away three copies of The Crew by David Price, courtesy of Head of Zeus.

This intimate telling of the life of an Avro Lancaster crew during the Second World War brings the story of an iconic RAF bomber together with the lives of those who flew her.

The crew was made up of seven ordinary young men, living in extraordinary times, risking their lives for freedom in the dark skies above Hitler’s Reich.

David Price describes the crew’s wartime experiences with sympathy and an adept technical understanding of one of the RAF’s most significant aircraft. His account is based on interviews with Ken Cook, the crew’s sole living member.

The drama and anxiety of individual missions is evoked with thrilling immediacy, while the military events and strategic decisions are interwoven deftly with the narrative of the crew’s careers.

This issue, three lucky winners will receive a copy of the book. For more about Head of Zeus, please visit

This Competition Is Now Closed

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  1. I just received my copy of the April/May issue on May 16, 2022. Perhaps the contests could at the end of the latter month, e.g., May 30. I was all over this question. As a child of less than 10 y.o., I remember watching the movie and being enthralled. I tried to read anything about the mission. I remember just watching out for my Pops to come home so I could tell him about the movie. He hadn’t known about Operation Chastise and I was so excited to tell him (my Pops was a medic/hospital corpsman for the U.S. Marines in the Pacific during WWII. He was an orphan and age 16 when he joined the day after the victory at Guadalcanal. He was under weight at 112# at 5’11”. 7 bananas later he was the required 117#. He was color blind and kept moving back in the line until he memorized the chart. He was determined to get 3 hots and a cot).
    Love the magazine! I wish I had known about your editor-in-chief prior to his passing. He seemed to be an amazing person and helped shape the works and other writing. I hope the new person will maintain the high standards set by
    Dr. Faulkner
    Thank you

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