MHM Caption Competition: February 2022 — Winners Announced!

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We asked you to think of something appropriately witty for this image taken from our article on General Wolfe at Quebec, from the February/March 2022 issue of Military History Matters. Here are the winners:


‘If you could just keep going for a few more minutes, Sir, Mr, West has almost finished the painting.’ – Rob Falconer


‘James’s latest gas bill came as a rather unpleasant surprise…’ – Calum Macleod

‘It was a friendly fire incident, but where the arrow came from was a complete mystery.’ – Roger Pennyballs


  1. In years to come Sir, you will be remembered by top class footballers the world over dropping to the ground in similarly agonisingly dramatic fashion in your honour…

  2. We’ve told you at least a hundred times General, “you are supposed to point your rifle at the enemy”!

    • Sorry, I’ve just noticed, that should’ve been ‘Abraham’s’.

      Is the guy in the blue coat saying, “See General, I can rub your belly and pat your bottom at the same time”.

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