MHM Caption Competition: April 2023 – Winners Announced!

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We asked you to come up with something appropriately witty for this image from our article on ‘Churchill’s American Arsenal’ in the April/May 2023 issue of Military History Matters. Here are the winners:


‘The fighting stopped momentarily as both sides played a game of giant Jenga’ – David Wren


‘Maybe they didn’t realise this branch of McDonald’s wasn’t a drive-in’ – Valérie

‘Bricks and mortared’ – Antony Ward


    • It was then the young airman learned the lesson never to fall asleep on watch as he silently prayed his sergeant find the coffee pot.

  1. Looks like I should have gone for the deal for swamp land in Florida. Next time, I’ll probably go for the bridge offer

  2. “People pay to see ruins in Greece.”
    “If you’re suggesting a business proposition, then I’m in!”

  3. “should you be smoking sergeant, I can smell gas can you smell gas??”

    “I’m looking for my helmet ..I seem to have misplaced it”

    “I doubt your helmet will help if the gas main goes up!”

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