Three lucky winners will receive a copy of The Black Prince and the Capture of the King: Poitiers, 1356.

The Battle of Poitiers in 1356 is much less famous than Agincourt, but it was no less dramatic, and just as important in terms of the course of the Hundred Years War.

The capture of King Jean brought France to the brink of total defeat, and led to one of the most devastating and destructive periods in French history. It is no exaggeration to say that the Battle of Poitiers fundamentally changed the course of history for France and England.

In the summer of 1356, the Black Prince and his army drove northwards towards the Loire, attacking once again deep into French territory. This time, he met real opposition: the full French army led by King Jean and many of the leading nobility of France, some of them veterans of the defeat at Crécy ten years before.

Outnumbered, the Prince fell back, but in September he turned near the city of Poitiers to make a stand.

This new book from Casemate UK is one of the most advanced studies of the battle to be committed to print.

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