This month, three lucky winners have the chance to win a copy of Squadron: ending the African slave trade.

The abolition of slavery was one of the most important 19th century reforms of the British Empire, yet – despite widespread emancipation in the UK and Commonwealth – an illicit and lucrative slave trade remained on the east coast of Africa where a wealthy merchant class and British ships defied the new laws.

The Royal Navy’s response was to dispatch a squadron to patrol Africa’s coast. What began as a policing action transformed into the avowed personal mission of four naval officers who – witnessing the horrors of the slave trade first-hand – pledged to put an end to it.

Squadron unearths the previously untold, true story of defiance in the face of political corruption in a thrilling narrative that reframes our understanding of slavery.

Award winning author and historian John Broich presents an unflinching glimpse into the Empire’s ignoble past from the perspective of four men – stalwarts at the centre of abolitionism in a turbulent age.

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