[Competition Closed] MHM 38 – Caption Competition

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Think of something appropriately witty for this picture and leave your caption as a comment below. The best caption will be judged by the editorial team and published in the next issue of Military History Monthly!



  1. Follow me Queenie, while the boys are keeping them busy at the front here, you and i will move down their left flank and take them from the rear, right ho Mary, always fancied a bit of kiwi fruit

  2. Hang on, I’ve got a great idea – why don’t we judge the finals of “The Empire’s Got Talent!” with a panel of experts instead?

  3. I say sarge, great idea of yours to move down their left flank, a brilliant tactical manoeuvre, not really son, its just that rumour has it that they have got a naafi wagon, beer tent, and a whore house at the rear.

  4. See the one with the club in his hand Birtie, i no him and his sister Matilder, comes from a family of head bangers, met him in Australia, a bit of a jolly swagman, he was camped beside a bille bong under the shade of a coolibah tree, he said he had a anchoring to butter him self, and audition for Britain got talent, because he sang and waited for his billy boil,he asked if i would like to go to a dance, come a waltzing with Matilder and me,she is a nice girl but a bit like mutton dressed up has lamb, she did look a bit sheepish,she ended up a kitchen goddess on Mt Cook, so, i asked him if he really was a Maori tribesman? he said yes, i am a real New Zealand all Black, i did wonder why he was wiggling his tongue at me,so i said, you are a real Kiwi then, he said, could you tell by the size my club? no i said, its the polish on your boots, what do you think Birtie, I think the sooner these guys shoot you, the butter i mean better!

  5. He lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land all his life with his head in the clouds most of the time. On that fateful day he didn’t see the cloud on the horizon. Sgt. McCloud thought it a cloud of suspicion and stabbed him, mercifully putting an end to this cloudy story. But every cloud has a silver lining and our hero is now up there in the clouds, frequently on Cloud 9.

  6. Mooha, pictured in the foreground, could not resist the temptation to hone his peacetime skills as a hairdresser.

  7. The civil war between the :”Father Christmas must wear red” and the “Father Christmas must wear white” factions was long and bloody before the inevitable compromise was reached.

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