[Competition Closed] MHM 23: Caption Competition

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Think of something appropriately witty for this picture and leave your caption as a comment below. The best caption will be judged by the editorial team and published in the next issue of Military History Monthly!


  1. Captured enemy scout(red uniform) is forced to divulge information about the fortress by the officers and soldiers in ash uniforms.

  2. The two officer’s on the right ‘Don’t you think Corporal Fong’s hand shadow of a quacking duck was excellent. I wonder what animal sergeant Hopplegrubber has drawn’

  3. On examining his cards, Roger started to wish he hadnt bet his pants that he could win a game of snap…

  4. Captain Smith was struggling to finish his game of poker after realising where his bayonet was stuck…

  5. The sergeant proudly urinated over the side of the hill, unaware that his comrade was making hand-gestures alluding to the unimpressive size of his rifle…

  6. As serious as the poker game was, the staring competition happening only meters away had been going on for 3-days. The price of defeat? Castration by brick.

  7. “Ok, it’s a deal: My Mickey Mantel and Clete Boyer for your Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky. And no give backs!”

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