War Photographers


Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: 1914-1918

As the years draw on, the events of the First World War slowly fade from living memory. Scattered across the globe, the battlefields – once witness to the carnage of industrialised slaughter – today rest in relative peace.

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Nick Danziger: Eleven Women Facing War

This is the first UK showing of Nick Danziger’s Eleven Women Facing War, a powerful exhibition about gender and conflict in the 21st century. On display at IWM London, Danziger’s photographs capture the agonies and ambitions of eleven women living in modern-day conflict zones. Having been commissioned by the International Committee of the Red Cross […]

Tony Vaccaro: War Photographer

Tony Vaccaro is one of the most respected photo-chroniclers of WWII. We look at the story behind his iconic photography. ‘My approach was this: I said to myself, “Tony, don’t worry about how good the picture is going to be under difficult conditions and light. Take it, no matter what. If the eye sees it, […]