American Civil War viewpoints: The American Civil War made us what we are

On the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, Ken Burns writes that it was American Civil War that made America what it is today. ‘Before the war, in speaking about our country, we said “The United States are” – plural. We saw ourselves as a union, a stitched-together collection of states, a “many” thing. After […]

American Civil War viewpoints: It was British arms that sustained the Confederacy

It was 150 years ago on 12 April 1861, that the guns opened fire at Fort Sumter, marking the start of America’s bloodiest war. We have asked several notable writers to give their viewpoints on the American Civil War, starting with Peter Tsouras and his belief that it was British arms that sustained the Confederacy […]

Egyptian Revolution and the lessons of history

The potential of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 cannot be underestimated. Egypt has been the political centre of gravity of the Middle East since the Arab conquests of the 7th century AD. Again and again throughout history, it is Egypt that has led the rest of the Middle East.

The Alexander Mosaic in the Naples National Archaeological Museum portrays a dashing image of Alexander the Great fighting the Persian king Darius III

Alexander the Greatest leader?

Former infantry officer and military historian Mark Corby begs to differ with the result of the poll published in last month’s Military Times. Was Alexander of Macedon the greatest commander of all time? His uncle, Alexander of Epirus, certainly did not think so. When, during his campaign in Italy, news of Alexander’s victories in Persia were brought to him, he remarked […]

fortifications at risk

Fortifications at risk

In this current difficult financial climate, less and less money is likely to be made available for the preservation and restoration of the nation’s built heritage. This means that even less will be made available for the Cinderellas of the built heritage world: military structures. Now, more than ever, architects and developers must be encouraged […]

Sean Rayment

Bartering our forces

So now we know. After the months of bickering, interservice infighting, and leaks, the Strategic Defence and Security Review has finally been unveiled. The armed forces will provide Britain with a range of capabilities to meet the future defence challenges of the future. Well that’s what the government’s spin doctors will have us believe. But […]

Bob Shepherd and US soldier Nuristan Province Afghanistan April 07 - opinion

Defence and Identity

The Strategic Defence Review was supposed to underpin a thoughtful and civilised discussion over the future capabilities of Britain’s armed forces. Instead, the Government’s drive to slash budgets as soon as possible has spawned a wave of unseemly bickering as military chiefs scrap over which branch of the services should be gutted. The Government  needs to back off – and it’s not just because compiling a review at […]

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