Right and Glory by Max Adams

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Right and Glory is a Second World War high action-adventure with Eddie Dawson, a hero for our times.

May 1940. Explosives expert Eddie Dawson and logistics specialist Major Sykes are sent to Eben Emael in Belgium, notoriously the most impregnable fort in the world.
Right and Glory
One night, unexpected activity in the village wakes the men and they return to the fort to witness a group of German soldiers landing on the roof in gliders – the beginning of a full-scale assault.
The main attack lasts only twenty minutes but leaves Eben Emael crippled. And Dawson is disturbed – he has seen the Germans blast holes through solid 12-inch-thick steel armour plating using some kind of new demolition charge.
Sykes realizes that this new German secret weapon could have enormous implications for the Allies, affecting everything from the design of tanks to armoured buildings, even to battleships. In a daring mission, the two men attempt the impossible: to gain entry to the fort and retrieve the armoury.

What follows is a desperate battle against the odds, which holds the fate of many more lives than just their own in the balance. Dawson must embark on an epic attempt to reach Dunkirk, pitted against a foe determined to stop him once and for all. For he is notmerely stealing a weapon; he might have attained the firepower of an entire war . . .

Video interview with Max Adams
Author Max Adams is an ex-Naval officer and worked for a time in covert operations. In this short film he discusses plot, characters and inspiration, and reads an extract from Right and Glory.

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