MHM Book of the Year 2024

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Military History Matters has curated a list of 2023’s best military history titles: the nominees for this year’s MHM book awards. Our selection includes some of the best-researched, most-insightful, and most readable titles reviewed and featured in the magazine over the past year. But now we need your help to select the winners!

Gold, silver, and bronze prizes are up for grabs in the race for MHM Book of the Year, which will be awarded to the title our readers feel has made the greatest all-round contribution to the study of military history.

Read a review of each nominated book here

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Voting has now closed, and the winners will be announced shortly


  1. The Savage Storm fully conveys the horrors of the Italian Campaign. James Holland at his very best, the use of first hand accounts and following character through the journey is a master stroke that brings life to the book.

  2. So much new material and research from Helen Fry on the women. The war could not have been won without women in intelligence roles!

  3. Peter Hart delivers yet another brilliant history, informed by his exhaustive interviews with veterans and his deep understanding of 20th century warfare. The travails of 16 DLI vividly convey the reality of the war the infantry knew. A deeply human story told with Peter’s usual forthright style and, more importantly, the words of those who were there.

  4. I really enjoyed reading Conflict: the evolution of warfare, by General David Petraeus and Andrew Roberts. This was very well written and researched by the two authors as well as having the personal accounts of Gen Petraeus from the Iraq/Afghanistan campaign and his leadership experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and sent this to friends and family that enjoy history. Highly recommended to add to your reading list.

  5. Listened to Helen give a talk. Absolutely brilliant. So interesting. I’d say give her an award for the work she is discovering.

  6. FOOTSLOGGERS is an excellent book. It gives the sordid details of actions which are usually skimmed over. Very little glory in these deaths. The comments and feelings of those who took part in the actions are very revealing. The horror lies in how many different ways you can die or be maimed.
    A book one must read in order to appreciate the war in Italy.

  7. Savage Storm by James Holland is his best to date. Thoroughly entertaining, his excellent writing style really works. I am looking for to the second part.

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