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Neil Faulkner

How did Fighter Command defeat the Luftwaffe on 15 September 1940?
Did Lawrence of Arabia teach the Taliban their strategy?
What happened the first time the British invaded Afghanistan?
Did Admiral Rodney pioneer the tactics of Trafalgar?
Why did Boudica lose her final battle?

Welcome to the first issue of Military Times, the new monthly magazine dedicated to answering the big questions of military history. The aim is not only to bring you action-packed narrative, but to provide all the technical detail, in-depth analysis, and cutting-edge controversy you need to understand not just what happened, but also why. Military Times aims to bridge the gap between the general reader and the world of professional soldiers and military historians.

Our main focus will be British military history and the period after 1914. But we will also cover big stories from other eras and parts of the world. And whatever the subject, we will be drilling down beneath the surface. Who were the great commanders, and how did they win? What actually happens on the battlefield, and how do soldiers cope? Are the principles of strategy and tactics unchanging? How do revolutions in warfare happen?

These questions matter because the study of war matters. Fascinating in itself, it has shaped the whole of history, and continues to remake the world today. This is the magazine for everyone who wants to understand war, past and present, in all its dimensions.

Neil Faulkner